Rettig ICC hosts energy efficiency workshop at Clima 2010

April 2011

On 11th May 2010 (15.45 - 18.00), during the Clima 2010 conference in mid-May, attended by over 1,000 international professionals Julian Stocks, Mikko Iivonen, Arnold Springer from Rettig ICC have invited leading professionals to contribute with presentations at the Rettig Workshop.

 The Clima 2010 conference takes place every 3 years usually in the spring or early summer months. After Helsinki in 2007, the conference organisers chose to run this year's even in Antalya, Turkey.

The conference itself is organised by REHVA, the Federation of European heating, ventilation and airconditioning associations, for which Rettig has ben a supporter since 2007. REHVA itself was established in 1963 and connects European professionals in the area of building engineering services and represents more than 100 000 engineers via their national associations from 28 European countries. REHVA's main activity is to develop and disseminate economical, energy efficient and Healthy technology for mechanical services of buildings.

 REHVA organizes this 4 days international congress every 3 years, gathering over 1000 participants in the building engineering services sector. These congresses are usually attended by experts from some 50 different countries (mostly from Europe but also from the USA and from Asian countries).

As in 2007, Rettig will take advantage of the possibility to run one of the 20 technical workshops in this year's 9th edition of Clima 2010. The Rettig theme is dedicated to system efficiency and heat losses for both different hot water systems and air heating in view of the recent European energy legislation and the standard EN 15316. Experts are invited from Finland, Germany and France an lined up as follows:

Dr. Jarek Kurnitski, Director SITRA, The Finnish Innovation Fund, Finland. "The development of energy performance requirements in the context of the EPBD recast, RES and ErP directives"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Oschatz, ITG Dresden, Germany. "Developments in German energy code requirements: the German approach to EPBD recast"

Dr.-Ing Joachim Seifert from Technical University of Dresden "Calculations of system efficiencies and system losses for heating systems"

Hicham Lahmidi, CTSB, France. "Energy performance regulations and the assessment of innovative systems in France"

Prof.Dr. Miimu Airaksinen, Finland. "The effect of heat distribution and emission solutions on perceived thermal comfort, set-points and energy use"

Commenting on the Rettig workshop, Olli Seppanen, Rehva Secretary General added, "REHVA is delighted that once again Rettig ICC have chosen to support the conference in this way. We are confident that the workshop will be well attended and will generate interesting discussion and guidance for the varied audience. Market leaders have both an opportunity and also a responsibility to participate with other REHVA members in influencing the building service industry by encouraging scientific and practical debate around the burning issues of energy efficiency and best practice in heating system specifications".

Anyone interested  in more information should contact

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