Rettig celebrate the opening of the forth line at the Rybnik steel panel plant

June 2008

The 8th May 2008 was a very special day for the Rettig steel panel production plant in Rybnik, Silesia in South Western Poland when the forth and very latest high speed panel line was officially opened.  To mark this occasion and to celebrate the inauguration of Rettig' largest and arguably the industry's largest plant in Eastern Europe, guests had arrived from Poland, neighbouring countries and much further a field. The Oy Rettig Board members were present including the van Rettig family shareholders.  The local mayoress of Rybnik also attended the event together with local and international senior managers from Rettig ICC.  And of course the event would not have been complete without the participation of leading customer representatives from Poland, Hungary and Germany all of whom will benefit from the van Rettig family's investment at the Rybnik plant.

The new production line is Rettig ICC's  most modern,  state of the art investment. Now that the line has been successfully tested over the last 6 months, the investment  will lift production to 2.6 million pieces during 2008 and provide the 33mm steel panel platform with increased flexibility and efficiency.   At the same time, it is a huge boost for the continued expansion of the Purmo Radson brand umbrella across Europe and beyond.

Inauguration of the extended Rybnik plant  was also timed to enable Rettig SpZoo to celebrate its fifteenth birthday. It was back in March 1993 when Rettig single-handedly made its first investments and begun to transform the old small  machine shops of Huta Silesia into what can now be regarded as the industrial jewel of Rettig ICC.

Rybnik 15th Anniversary pictures

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