Rettig ICC plant branding goes live at Zonhoven

October 2007

During the course of September 2007 the Zonhoven site in Belgium received fresh Rettig ICC signage.  As a result, Zonhoven is the first industrial site within Rettig to present the new Rettig ICC branding and becomes a showcase for the other sites across Europe. Jos Bongers, Rettig ICC Chief Operations Officer, added: "Our new signage clearly expresses that this is a Rettig plant and it also shows the main brands for which products are produced on each site. This is a message which is equally important for all our customers and suppliers as it is for our employees. The project roll out means that all our plants will receive signage based on a coherent and identical concept and it is expected that this project will be completed across all other production and logistic sites by the year-end "

Rettig ICC bv. Australiëlaan 6. NL-6199 AA Maastricht-Airport