The new Thermopanel is launched at Nordbygg in Stockholm

January 2006

Nordbygg, the largest HEPAC exhibition in Northern Europe, is held every 2 years in Stockholm in January 2006. It draws over 55,000 visitors and 1 500 exhibitors from 30 different countries.  The 2006 event was no exception with the important launch of the new Thermopanel , Sweden’s most well known radiator brand.
This project is significant for a number of reasons. Customers benefit from a  complete radiator package from the factory where no assembly is necessary. For Rettig, the New Thermopanel Project is in a very important step in the Rettig Platform strategy. The Nordic unit has now experienced what it means to create a platform, to be able to produce Purmo and Thermopanel on the same welding lines and without important change-over times.

But it is in the product where real benefits are seen. The new patented V4 connection set is welded inside, concealed behind the body of the radiator, using a method which is completely unique for the industry. “There are no visible pipes, and you have complete freedom to install the radiator using either a bottom or side connection”, says Jörgen Persson, Sales Manager. The pre-adjustable valve insert is fitted, and you can choose from a range of thermostats (e.g. MMA, TA, Danfoss). The new Thermopanel is now systematically supplied with pre-assembled side panels and top grills. Together with the radiator’s new body design and the product’s improved, whiter colour, this creates a fresh, clean design: an easy-maintenance radiator without visible and hard-to-clean pipework or gaps where dust can collect. The radiator is delivered an with assembled air vent, blind plug and brackets in the package.

It is also planned to launch Thermopanel in the Japanese and new Finnish markets during the course of 2006.

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