A family owned group of
companies with strong values.

Rettig ICC ICC is majority-owned by Rettig Group Ltd, a Finnish family-run business that creates value for generations through sustainable and long-term growth. Rettig ICC Management Team members and external Board members are minority shareholders. In all our businesses we focus on leading positions in selected markets and more customer value with less environmental impact.
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Our vision

To be the leading provider of complete solutions for indoor climate comfort: products and controls for emitting and distributing heat, cool and fresh air in an effective and aesthetic manner.

Our values.

We share the same values as our majority owner, Rettig Group Ltd: openness, fairness, modesty, trust and respect.

  • Openness. An open mindset is essential for interactive teamwork and for the sharing of information. With a free flow of information we create an atmosphere for understanding our business operations at all levels in the organisation.
  • Fairness is the Rettig approach to handling both internal and external relationships. It is also our attitude when solving challenges and problems. Solutions that are perceived as fair by all parties become permanent solutions.
  • Modesty is the principle applied by Rettig in listening to and understanding divergent views and opinions. The opposite of modesty is arrogance. A modest organisation is more sensitive to early signs that change or adjustment is required in its operation.
  • Trust and respect are the most fundamental elements of our interaction and communication with different stakeholders. Without trust and respect people feel neither empowered nor prepared to take charge.
Rettig ICC Ltd, P.O. Box 115, FI-00121 Helsinki, Finland