Swedish sales force creates new strengths

August 2006

Since August 2006 a new combined sales & marketing organisation is in place within Rettig Heating AB. The two leading radiator brands in Sweden - Purmo and Thermopanel – are now being offered by one and the same sales force. “The journey of the integration started already with the closing of the Thermopanel plant in Helsingborg and transfer of production to Jakobstad in Finland, followed by the founding of the joint legal entity Rettig Heating AB for the two brands”, says Jan Ekwall, Director Nordic Region  After the launch of the new Thermopanel radiator in spring 2006 the time felt right to take the final step to merge the two organizations. “This was a must to continue to stay competitive in a tougher market environment, at the same time as it makes the company more efficient”, says Jörgen Persson, Sales Manager. The benefits for the customer are that he gets access to a larger product portfolio. He also will save time having only one contact person to deal with. Also, our logistics concept is well developed thanks to our large distribution network and the Jakobstad production plant at close proximity.

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